Monday, April 2, 2012

BYU for a Day

Justin bought us tickets for the family matinee concert of Vocal Point. Reuben played his soccer game and jumped in the car and headed down to Provo. The concert was lots of fun, and then we walked around campus and got some lunch in the cougar eat. We went to the MOA, and saw the Belief and Beauty exhibit, which was lovely. Then to finish the day off went to the creamery to get icecream.
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2012_03_27 182
2012_03_27 187
2012_03_27 191
2012_03_27 220
2012_03_27 201

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2012_03_27 196


Tammy Lorna said...

Aww brecken! Our old home :)
Hope you're loving life!!!
xo Tammy

Becki said...

You should tell me next time!!! We need to have you over for dinner!!! Hope you enjoyed your reminiscing though!!! Your boys are so cute!!