Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to the tooth story

The second lost tooth incident

You may remember Reuben's second tooth fell out while he was at school. Some story about Junho playing too rough with is face.

Reuben put his tiny tooth in a bowl of water to "clean" it, and left it to soak near the bathroom sink. Daddy, not seeing the tooth, dumped it down the drain. I think I was more disappointed than Reuben was. Reuben was disappointed but contained it.

With some quick thinking we presented a plan, that the tooth fairy would accept "credit". Reuben drew the picture above to explain to the tooth fairy what happened.

The left part, is Reuben at school. He was at the end of the line, and then he got to walk to the office to get a tooth box. The lower right part is daddy dumping the tooth down the drain.

Reuben found four quarters and a coin bag under his pillow the next morning.
Kind of tooth hole. The new tooth is half way in but behind all the other teeth.

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