Friday, January 27, 2012


Here is a rant for you.

I love pumpkin shakes. I especially love them at Culver's with pecans. I went the other day, and was ready to get my pumpkin shake with pecans, only to find out that it was "Seasonal" and they don't have it anymore.

Now, I understand fresh fruit being seasonal, but pumpkin from a can is not seasonal! Who decided we could only eat pumpkin from a can in October and November? It's canned, it's not like the pumpkin puree would be bitter or flavorless.

I guess I just need to get more people to have cravings for pumpkin shakes year round so, that they will have their cans of pumpkin on hand for when I need a fix.

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Lark said...

Wax lips were seasonal once. Now it seems that they don't even make them anymore. And I have been wondering were the 5 cent bighunk is now.