Thursday, January 26, 2012


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Justin and I celebrated our anniversary (Dec. 30th) with a lunch date to Goodwood. I was looking forward to it for months! When I discovered Goodwood in Draper (going to the JoAnne's in Draper because the JoAnne's in Brickyard is horrible.) I was ready and craving it.

We first discovered Goodwood when I was pregnant with Reuben. I had spent most of life not liking meat, but pregnancy had me craving a steak, a good steak. And since I didn't trust myself to make a good steak, I made Justin take me to Goodwood.

So, Justin and I have been married for years. (I'm bad with numbers remember, I'm sure you can check the comments and someone will tell me how many). Our lunch was delicious, isn't that nice when a place holds up to your fond memories of it?! We talked about our last year, and were very thankful to recognize that the anniversary date previous was from the value menu at Dairy Queen. I don't have anything against Dairy Queen, I just really like having the option to eat else where on special occasions.


Cary said...

Goodwood brings back lots of fond memories for me - they catered our wedding!

PS: For those of you not hitched yet, Goodwood will give you a free meal to taste test everything if you're thinking about them catering your wedding. I'll admit it, at first we went just to take advantage of a free meal but it was so delicious (and we had so many people flying in from out of town that deserved a good meal) that we actually hired them in the end.

Lark said...

Fourteen days after your anniversary add 2 years to the age of your of your oldest child. That is how many years you have been married.

Lark said...

And please pass the onion rings, thank you.