Monday, January 23, 2012

Reuben Turns Six

Much like his birth, this friday the thirteenth birthday lasted a couple days. Since Reuben's school day is so short on Fridays, his teacher asked if we could do his birthday day on Thrusday. He wanted to bring oatmeal cookies, and a poster of pictures. He got to wear a crown all day, and got a book and a book mark. When Simeon and I picked him up he ran to the car with is crown on and a very sweet smile.

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He woke up at 6 on his birthday, we opened presents. Simeon was a little upset that he didn't have any presents, and like the kind older brother he is, Reuben let Simeon help him open the presents. Then had a cupcake for breakfast, and then it was off to school. We opened his helicopter and plugged it into charge, and then went to McDonalds. I gave Reuben the choice between a dollar movie and McDonalds. We got there at noon and left at 3. Reuben and Simeon had a great time climbing the tunnels and going down the slide. Courtlin dropped by for dinner. Justin put the boys to bed and I started blowing up balloons for the party on Saturday (which will require it's own post.)

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Reuben is pleased to be six. He is smart, friendly, kind, aware, and helpful. He can talk your ear off, but is just as interested in listening to your story.

The other day he was sitting on my lap cuddling, and he said, "What if I still do this when I am 16?" I told him I hope he will, even if it squishes me. He said he would, and here is my evidence to hold him to it.

I love him, and we are so lucky to have him in our family.

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Kay Jones said...

Love your blog! I check every few days. It's wonderfully and cleverly done. Good for you!