Saturday, January 21, 2012

Utah Natural History Museum

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The Natural History Museum has 4 free days a year, and I was lucky enough to catch the first. I reserved extra tickets so I wouldn't have to go alone.

My complaint about this museum is it is not made for big groups or strollers to stop and look at something, it is a narrow walkway most of the way through. There are some pretty cool stop off points, including the above. There are a few Popsicle type sticks and some cement poured over some dinosaur bone shapes. The kids didn't get dirty not matter how hard they stabbed the slab. There was a really cool ant farm, and a Great Salt Lake Area, did you know that the north end is actually kind of sweet smelling?  If the family membership was a 30 dollars cheaper I would buy it so that we had an indoor place for July and August, and January and February.

The kids had a great time until the last few minutes when everyone was just done.The nice thing is we just had to get in the elevator and go out to the cars, we didn't have to weave through our way to the doors.

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