Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tree "pants" sew along week one.

2011_10_13 084

2011_10_13 085

I had decided that I wanted to do this when Sew Mamma, Sew announced it. Luckily for me, christmas fabric was half off at JoAnne's when I went to find fabric. I love the snow flakes! Since most of our Christmas Ornaments are crocheted snow flakes, I figured I stick with the theme, and while I'm feeling pretty uncreative about exactly copying her color scheme, I just couldn't not do what I wanted because it was exactly what she had done.

It took me the day, but I finished all the cutting, and sewing and pressing, and I'm ready for the next step tomorrow.

And, all my corners matched up. there isn't even a block I need to plan on having hidden in the back of the tree.

Now I will watch psych on Hulu, and sew the buttons on to the sports coat I made for Simeon's halloween costume. Buttons and button holes and then I will show you how awesome I am.

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