Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Bound: Utah Calligraphic Artists Workshop

I got to do a really cool thing, thanks to my boys, Justin, and our good friends. I left Thursday night, all of Friday day, and all of Saturday day.

Three books in two days and one night. And I did it, and they are beautiful.

2011_10_08 241
2011_10_08 238

This is called a "Secret Belgian." I decorated that cover paper. It's a process "Cooked Paper" Water Color, Walnut Ink, crumble it up, put it in a can let it sit over night. then I added webbing spray when it was dry.

2011_10_08 238

2011_10_08 228

I haven't taken finished photos of the other two books, and I didn't do a fabulous job of documenting the process, because we had to work so fast, but here is what I did get.
2011_10_08 213
French Stitch
2011_10_08 217
Kettle Stitch
2011_10_08 218
Naked Text Block stitching finished.
2011_10_08 223
Rounding the spine
2011_10_08 227
Naked Book Case

I had so much fun! I love making things, especially impressive things. I need to not forget how to do this this time.

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Sandy M. said...

Brecken! That looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the pictures of the other two! Did you go away for this, was it an overnight camp thing? or was it just classes? I love to think of you have some 'Brecken' time! (I just wish it was Brecken and Tammy time, lol!)

xoxo Tammy