Friday, October 21, 2011

Today we Climbed a Mountain

I was working on one of my many projects when, Reuben asked to go for a walk, so we did. I packed Simeon into the stroller, and we headed up the street. As we got farther away from home, the walk got steeper and steeper, we turned, and then ran out of road. Simeon got out and walked on the gravel trail, until there wasn't much mountain above us. Reuben was so pleased with ourselves.

2011_10_21 029

2011_10_21 045
2011_10_21 053
2011_10_21 063
It took all the self control in his little body for Reuben not to roll down. Even with the pokey brush, giant rocks, and drop offs, his first comment when we got to the top was, "this would be cool to roll down." He was pretty disappointed when I told him he couldn't do it.

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Lark said...

That is a nice new family photo!