Monday, October 24, 2011


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I was waiting, on Saturday afternoon, for Justin to pick me up, when a man rode up on his bicycle. I smiled, because I accidentally made eye contact, and I learned in New York that if you accidentally make eye contact you need to make yourself appear confident--like you just make eye contact with everyone. Then the man stopped, and smiled back. "Do you need a new boyfriend?" He asks. I laugh, "Oh, no thank you, I'm good in that department." "Well, it didn't hurt to ask." He said, as he pedal away.

Before I could even process what had happened, Justin drove up and I got in the car.

For the first time in my entire life a stranger hit on me! Let's ignore the fact that I was standing on a street corner down town, and that he was riding his bike on the sidewalk, and that he had a neon green muscle shirt on but showing off more flab than muscles, and he was on the older side of his 40s. Let's just feel good about myself for a while.

And just for some added confidence booster, that photo is unedited. It's a bit over exposed, which helps hide some of my flaws, but even still I look pretty good.

I've been feeling pretty horribly about myself lately, which is not normal for me. And the changes I've been making don't seem to make an impact on changing what I feel bad about, so indulge my little bragging right now, and I'll be back to making those changes more drastically in a bit.


Becki said...

You are BEAUTIFUL Brecken...and I love your description of the man on the bike!! Too funny!! But you are amazing and beautiful...and your 3 boys are LUCKY to have you!!! What are the changes you're working on tho?!?!? I need to make changes!!

Kay Jones said...

I can see where the boys get their beautiful blue eyes. I always wanted a blue eyed blond, but after 10 kids and no blue eyed blonds, I decided to quit trying! I love your photos of the family and of you and the boys.

hilary said...

Brecken, I absolutely love the new pictures! Very beautiful family you have, and I just love that Simeon looks just like you and Ruben has Justin's curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Michael and Natalie said...

You are an exquisitely lovely person inside an out, and for what it's worth, remember what pres Uchtdorf said that we always compare our worst selves to everyone's best selves. That picture is exactly what I remember you looking like!

Becky said...

Brecken!! How did I not know you had a blog? Mine is private, I'll send you an invite. I love this story. And how, may I ask, is this the first time ever a stranger hit on you? I find that hard to believe. You are a beautiful girl.