Thursday, September 22, 2011

what I love about my boys

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a 2011_09_18 085
a 2011_09_18 087
My favorite sound is the boys laughing. Simeon continues to morn RueRue's absence, and jumps and runs when I say it is time to pick him up. We walked today, and as we rounded the curve so Simeon could see the school, he started shouting for RueRue.

I love to hear the boys sing the "calm down" song together.

I think it is hilarious that Reuben sneaks food, but shares it with Simeon. I found them finishing off the brand new box of blueberries together.

a 2011_09_18 075jpg

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hilary said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures of your boys Brecken! They're getting so big!