Friday, September 23, 2011

Playground update

Thank you for your response! Here's what happened:

I wrote a long email to the principal and copied it to Reuben's teacher. The principal tried to call me that day, but I wasn't home, and she left me a message.

When I took Reuben to school this morning it was lovely! You could actually see a play structure instead of a mountain of children. New Rules! No big kids (grades 3 to 6) on the play structure. If the little kids who are allowed to play on the structure want to play tag they have to do it some where else. They got one more aid, and the principal was standing there monitoring play. Once all the kids know the rules I'm sure she won't have to do that for the rest of the year, but it was nice to see her on the little kid side of the school yard.

I went up to the principal and  introduced myself. (Cause she tried to call me.) I said, "This is perfect, and if this is the new standard I have no more concerns." She was very kind, and let me know that she was glad I was okay with this fix. Then I was talking to another mom after all the kids went into the school when over the loudspeaker came the principal's voice. "Thank you, older kids, for not playing on the climbing thing, we need to make sure there is a safe place for our little kids." She went on for a while. Miss Mary talked to her class about throwing wood chips, climbing up slides, going down slides head first.

I am going to walk Reuben into the playground for the rest of the week, and then we are going to drive up and let him jump out of the car. I am also going to make thank you cards for Reuben's teacher, and for the principal.

I feel so much better about it. I just needed a safe place to drop my kid off at. The kindergartners play on their very own playground during recess so it's not a problem. And since the children aren't allowed in the classrooms before the bell rings, there was no where else I could drop him off for school. I'm sure by the end of this week Reuben will be feeling safe, and ready to allow us to drop him off at the gate.


Lark said...

Thoughtful moms make a difference.

Kay Jones said...

Good for you. I worked as a substitute for 8 years, and that included playground duty. I only had to discipline one child one time, but it's important that the kids know the rules and keep them. You are a good mother.

Becki said...

So glad this all worked out!!! Sounds like a good fix and something that will work for everyone!!