Friday, August 19, 2011

Reuben Hates it When I Sew

Night four of ten without daddy.

We had a lovely day. I took the boys to see Mr. Popper's Penguins. The boys loved it. And it loved New York. And it was two hours of everyone being contented. We came home for lunch and nap. Reuben and I finished our book (Percy Jackson) and read some picture books. I took a nap, while Reuben watched Wendy Wu Home Coming Warrior. We played with cars. Then it was time to think about dinner.

Reuben ran up stairs to get some popcorn (the refill from that morning). Then I heard a scream, and a I'm-in-great-pain crying. He had stepped on a sewing needle. and not just stepped on it, little-boy-running stepped on it. there was only 3/4 of an inch sticking out. I picked him up and carried him to the bench.

My first instinct was to put a shoe on him and carry him to Insta Care. Then I thought that was pretty silly considering the price tag we would have to pay with our private crappy insurance. I looked at it a little closer, determined I was too shaky it was in too far to do it with my fingers. I got the children's motrin, some gauze and tape (we are out of bandaids) a clean dish towel and some pliers.

He drank the medicine, then covered his face with the towel. I told him to say a prayer. It wasn't the most reverent of prayers, but it was heart felt and loud. I pulled it out with the pliers. And put pressure on it with the gauze. I barely carried him down the stairs to his bed, found a sock to put over our bandage, and set up pillows so he could elevate it.

I went up stairs to try and figure out if I needed to take him in for anything, and determined that I can wait and watch for infection. (Just so you know don't read about the results of tetanus when you are dry heaving and light headed.) I made him and simeon a sandwich. and we ate dinner in their room.

He is running around today, mostly avoiding his heel but still putting pressure on it every once and a while.

I had bought myself a herbal sleep aid for justin's trip. I decided to see if it had been working by not taking it last night. I fell asleep at 6 AM. Dumb I know, but now at least I know they work.


Kimberlee said...

Oh, Man! Molly did that exact same thing last year with one of my cross-stitching needles. I, unlike you, completely panicked and pretty much just yanked it out, poor thing. Glad to hear Reuben is recovering. Hope the rest of your time without Justin goes quickly!

The King's said...

I'm with you on the sleeping aids. I take one most nights hubby is gone. The other night I thought I wouldn't because I didn't get much sleep the night before. Um, ya, backfire! Those things do work and even if some of it is placebo, I'll take it!