Saturday, August 13, 2011


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When Justin and I were thinking about getting married, several people (cousins, and friends from home) tried to make Justin nervous about meeting my dad. They weren't 100 percent successful, but they did have an impact. I thought it was weird, as long as he wasn't going to hurt me, what did he have to be afraid of? My dad takes those roles of Provide, and Protect pretty seriously, and he does a good job at both of those things.

My boys love him, especially Simeon.

My parents left a couple days ago. Last night Simeon handed me a cell phone, and said, "Bapa." I dialed for him, and Simeon talked to Grandpa for at least 15 minutes. He shared the phone with Reuben a couple times. I use the term "talked" loosely. I think he said something about a guy, but that was about the only english thing I could surmise.

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