Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School Consensious

Reuben says: "Best day ever!" It was Hunter's birthday, so they had cupcakes for their snack. There was a puppet show. Three girls wouldn't let him go through the tunnel at recess and he asked nicely then he said, "I know karate" (we are going to have to work on that one.)

Simeon says: "a RueRue a work." and refused to take a nap until he was way over tired.

Mom says: We made it! I'm thinking that the afternoon class would have been much better for Simeon and I, but it will probably be better for Reuben to have morning. I'll admit, I'm excited for Reuben, but sad for me and Simeon because Reuben was the best part of our day and now we will have to miss him for part of it.

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