Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School at School

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His school has a special kindergarten playground, where he get's to play until the bell rings. Daddy went with us. Reuben was happy to play. I was afraid to give him a big hug because I was on the verge of tears, and he wasn't offering one so I didn't push it. He looked so ready.

He was switched to the morning class last minute. I was a little sad about that, especially because now none of the boys from his primary class are in his kindergarten class. There is one little girl from his primary (she is in the primary class younger than his). But, I might be able to teach musikgarten while he is in class if I can get stuff together.

He lined up great and followed his teacher, Miss Mary, into his classroom. Daddy, Simeon, and I walked back to the car. Simeon was pretty worried that RueRue (he pronounces it WooWoo) wasn't with us. "A WooWoo! No! A WooWoo!" We've been home for an hour and half, and Simeon just wanders around the room yelling WooWoo. And coming up to me and asking "A WooWoo A Work? A Daddy."

It is a strange transition, and I look forward to giving him a big hug when we got to pick him up. I know he is ready, its just me and Simeon who weren't ready.


The King's said...

Fun stuff! I love how close kids are and miss them when they're gone. I remember Amelia feeling a bit lost too when Allison was gone. This time around with it being all day it's quite different but I do enjoy the days just me and little bug too. Next week she starts preschool though so it will work out. And they still put a name tag on him even when he had the cool shirt! What's up with that :)

Becki said...

Oh this post almost made me cry :( Sounds like a tough day, but it is needed huh!?!?! It'll give you good time to be with Simeon...and hopefully eventually it won't be so hard for him wondering where WooWoo is!!! Glad Reuben had a great day though!! Why is it so hard on us Mommy's!?!?! We're just big babies!!! Good luck tomorrow...and this year to come!!!

Lark said...

Do the teachers go by their first names?

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh my goodness. Such a milestone! So wish I could have tagged along on his first day of school :( Hope you all settle into it soon :)

xo tammy