Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simeon Led Walk

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The day daddy and Reuben went to Lagoon, Simeon took me for a walk. I let him lead me, stopped when he stopped, turned when he turned. We stopped to look at flowers (the rose bushes are as tall as the trees.) We stopped to look at lawn ornaments. We stopped to look at bugs. We stopped to sit on ledges. We stopped to take these photos. We walked around our block, crossed a busy street and then walked up the foothill.

(I had to reset my computer, and can't find my Photo Shop disc.I'd brighten up the last two photos a bit)

If you look closely on Simeon's Cheek there is a little bruise dimple. He fell and hit is face on a sticking up sprinkler head about a month ago. The bruise is mostly gone now, but the dimple is there still, should I be worried that he disfigured his cheek when he fell?

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emilysuze said...

Simeon is looking so grown up! And adorable. :)