Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gallivan Center Disney Radio Day

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In an attempt to be a cool mom, I searched and searched for something to do that was free. Once a month in the summer at the Gallivan Center they have a Radio Disney Day. The best part was the face painting, but the line was so long that we missed most of what was probably the other best part--the little show at the stage.

The next time we go we will bring swimming suits, because there is this really cool gate of water. While we were waiting in line for the face painting, Reuben just kept eyeing that tunnel of water. Since I could see the whole thing from my place in line, I sent him over to run through it. He came back soaked to the bone. But, since we live in the desert now, he dried in about a half hour. 

Since we were downtown, we met daddy for lunch at Braza Grill Express. A Brazilian place. They didn't have my favorite Brazilian thing there, the Romeo and Juliets (cheese and guava paste wrapped in a pastry and fried). But they were pretty good, and we got special treatment because Justin spoke Portuguese.

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