Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, Boy(s)

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Admittedly we are not a video game type of family. We inherited an x box classic, you know the black one. We bought a used wallace and gromit game. Justin played it and got stuck on level two for three years. Reuben showed some interest so they started playing together. Reuben tells Daddy what and where he needs to go to pass the level. In the last 4 months they made it to Level 6.

They give Simeon a control that doesn't control anything, and he sits pushing buttons, and saying "woah" every once and a while.

This morning, Reuben said that Simeon wanted to watch him play. I helped him set it up. but level six is pretty frustrating and hard. He decided he wanted to play the first level, and in the process of trying to get to a different game within the game deleted your level 6 game. He was devastated, and filled with remorse. He is not the type of child who often does things he should feel sorry about, so it is always a big shock to him when he feels bad about something he did. I hope he always stays like that.

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Kay Jones said...

My great grands, even those under 8 or so, know more about remotes, etc. than I do. Must be an 'age' thing!