Thursday, July 28, 2011

Folk and Bluegrass Festival

On Saturday we met up with my sisters, and some friends from New York at the Gallivan Center! The year we were in Minnesota and a few months here, our friends were in Jerusalem. It was nice to see them, and it didn't feel like it had been over a year since we last met, although it showed in our children. Reuben and E had a great time running around together, like they had never parted. It was so nice to see B and K, and catch up a bit.

I've been feeling a bit secluded here, try as I might I can't seem to get a mommy's group going. And, now that it is so hot everyday I don't want to go wait at a park in hopes that someone will come talk to me while the boys play. So, it was really nice to remember that we have friends, and that we do like to do things with them.

The music was fun, and we there wasn't a huge crowd so we were able to sit in the shade. It was the ideal way to spend a saturday.

We then got to show off our giant two bedroom, with an eat-in kitchen, and a laundry room home. (Giant to New Yorkers.)

2011_07_28 0042011_07_28 015
You can tell from Reuben's cheek that he has a huge smile on the front of his face.
2011_07_28 021
2011_07_28 0332011_07_28 0532011_07_28 055
Singing in the shower
2011_07_28 0712011_07_28 0802011_07_28 0822011_07_28 0902011_07_28 1032011_07_28 115


Talyn said...

Chas still wears that Nauvoo shirt? And, call my friend Sidsie already! She needs a mommy group too.

Kay Jones said...

Love your photos, and the comments. Hope you find young friends to spend time with soon.