Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This is the Place, and Ruth's Diner

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On Monday of Grammie and Pappie's visit we went to "This is the Place." We made sure to find Shadrach Roundy's name and point to it. He was in the first company of pioneers to enter the valley and one of our ancestors. Justin has Reuben very intrigued by the fact that he has pioneer ancestors.
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We had a lovely morning. The trick is, you have to go with a group big enough to get the attention of the guides, otherwise you get ignored and kicked out of the houses when the big group comes in.
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The petting animals part was by far the most entertaining. Simeon was not a fan of the pony ride, Reuben was pretty happy up there. Reuben had a wonderful time watching the little pigs oink, and was pretty grossed out by the wetness of their noses. Simeon did his I'm-pretending-to-be-excited-but-I-might-actually-be-terrified squeal. Then we walked out to the "pasture" is that what they call it in the desert? The sheep and goats were a huge hit.

Reuben was off and running, and when we noticed he had disappeared, he popped his head out of the goat shed. When asked what he was doing, he said he was collecting goat food. You know, those little round brown things, that look exactly like the duck food out of the vending machine at the zoo. "Reuben, that isn't goat food, that is goat poop." It was hilarious to watch him realize what we had said, and after processing that he had a handful of goat poop he threw it on the ground and wiped his hands off.
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Daddy had to go to a work meeting, Grammie and Pappie were kind enough to take him so Reuben could do that last few things we hadn't made it to yet. He decorated a "possible's bag" a little bag that could hold anything possible. Then we went to pan for gold. Doing laundry and falling off of stilts is fun, but panning for gold--that is where the money is. Digger, the prospector gave Reuben a few rules, and no instruction, and we went over to the stream. He ended up finding four pieces which he traded for some candy.
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That night we went to Ruth's Diner, which has been on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. The food was good, the waitress was extremely friendly, and we had such a nice time enjoying the canyon diner.
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Jamie Curtis said...

Brecken your boys are growing up!! Especially little Simeon! It's good to see your family is doing well. xoxo

Heidi said...

Ohhh, we love Ruths! That was J & my first date! It is such a cute place. Sounds like the UT adventures are great, now adding this one to my list of Must-Dos when we visit. :) Take care!

Lark said...

Shadrach ROUNDY is the 5th great-grandfather of the boys pictured.