Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Olives taste better off the finger.

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There comes a very sad day when the olive rips when you try to put it on your finger tip, then olives from a can just don't taste as good. Followed by those awkward years where olives from the olive bar at the fancy grocery store are too vinegary or to hard or the pits give you the heeby jeebies. After you get tired of everyone thinking you are still in your awkward years, you start pretending to like the fancy olives. Only a lucky few grow out of this stage of olive life, or they have a really good olive bar and figured out which olives they actually like.


Erika Hill said...

Or sometimes you try the olive finger trick once, and you realize that just because the olives look cool on your fingers doesn't make them taste any better. You spend the rest of your life avoiding olives in all forms. Even when you grow out of most of your childhood pickiness--you eat onions, most mushrooms, and ever other vegetable except broccoli because it has a weird texture--you can't seem to sidle up to olives.

Or maybe that's just me?

Dani said...

I hadn't thought enough about olives lately. Thank you.