Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ella and Ensign Smith

Happy Memorial Day. Just as a reminder that this holiday is more than the beginning of summer (when the pools open) or a great day off to have a picnic, here is what we did--for the first time ever.

We recently moved to a neighborhood in Salt Lake City where my great grandfather and grandmother built a house, and were laid to rest in a cemetery very close to us. When we were discussing our new place with my parents and uncle it came up that we would be close. So, decided to go on a field trip for our family home evening to prepare the boys and introduce them to Ella and Ensign before we went to the cemetery.

We used this as our lesson:


And then drove the five minutes to get to the house:
64 years old, and there it was. Built by the hands and sweat of my Great Grandfather and Grandmother. I was surprised at how engaged Reuben was in the whole idea and trip. His Great Great Grandfather Built that house? and they lived there? who lives there now? how come they don't live there anymore? We also visited the chapel they attended just down the street pictured below the house.

2011_05_28 012
2011_05_28 014
Here is Ensign working on the foundation of the house, the back of the house with Ensign and Grandchildren (my mother included), and Ensign with my mother, aunts and grandmother (and the church in the background).
SMITHGeorgeEnsign building houseBabyLarkGrandpEnsignGayeIsaksenWdSmthFam
We went to the Cemetery yesterday. It is just up the road from us. It was really easy to spot Ella and Ensign, their son George Ensign Jr who died from cancer when we has 11, and their daughter Leona (who I remember because she had really cool fake eye lashes and wore fancy clothes.)
2011_05_28 080
2011_05_28 075
2011_05_28 092
It was a little harder to find the military marker for Ensign (pictured above) and My other great aunt Amy and her Husband. But we found all of them with some help.

2011_05_28 089
2011_05_28 084

There was a special spirit there. Reuben and Simeon were both able to be respectful, yet interested. We had to call grandma to find out why George Ensign Jr died when he was 11, because Reuben needed to know.

We talked about the sealing power. How because Ensign and Ella were sealed in the temple they were still together, with their children, even though they were not on the earth anymore. We talked about our great chain of eternal family, children sealed to parents, and how we could be with them after we die. What a great blessing eternal families are.

While Ensign did serve in World War I, and we are grateful for that service, it was lovely to talk about the service he did to his family, his faithfulness, and our link to him. I am glad the holiday morphed into a day to consider those acts of service, because it sure doesn't feel like the beginning of summer here and there was no way we could have gone to a pool or sprinkler park without turning blue. And, next time we'll think of getting some flowers, because while we did sweep off the headstones, they were looking a little bare compared to the neighboring graves.

If you are related to them you will be interested in links below:

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Lark said...

You found it, that is the house. I spent much of my childhood there. My grandmother and grandfather were wonderful. I always felt loved and treasured there.

Myrle Dalton said...

Your mom gave me your blogspot. Yes, very interesting. We found it after Leona's funeral in 2003 and it looked pretty sad then. My boys wanted to see the neighborhood and the house. I hadn't been back since Mom (Ella) died). It looks like someone else bought it and fixed it up. I felt quite sad when I saw how awful it looked. We then went over to Parkway, just two blocks North in the exact same location and saw the house we rented for so many years. Someone had fixed it up really cute with a wrought iron fence all around it. The house on Parkway was the house your grandpa K. Dee Wood visited to court your grandma Camilla Smith. He was so handsome in his Sailor's uniform. He was a printer, so he had stationery made with our names printed on it for Christmas presents. I was very impressed with both him with his curly hair and handsome uniform and of course the "neat" present. If your mom can, have her post this to my blogspot for my son's and family to see the pictures. Your little family is so cute. Luvmyrle (Aunt Myrle Smith Dalton-McIntosh)

Lark said...

Ninety four years later (1917-2011) great great grandson Reuben visits Sgt. George Ensign SMITH memorial - 145 Field Arty BN World War I.

Eaglehavenwest said...

I'm so glad you had his experience with your family. My husband and daughter are buried in the local cemetery. It's a beautiful, peaceful place.

Eaglehavenwest said...

oops, I seem to be on my daughters facebook pace.
Sister Kay