Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Missing New York

While our friends in New York are enjoying (?) record heat, it is currently 48 degrees outside. We have more rainy days than sunny, and I am beginning to question weather (get it?) or not I really am in Utah.I'm not complaining. I like it cool, wet, and green. I enjoy it this way--I'm just stating that this is not the Utah I remember.

We went to the park on the one sunny day last week, and the boys had a blast. I missed sitting on the bench talking to Tara for hours, or running into friends that we hadn't even made plans with. I missed the shade from the trees in Riverside park. And, the really friendly homeless guy who was always on the first bench on the path.

But, I did like going grocery shopping and carrying everything home in my car instead of my arms, back, and granny cart. And, knowing that I have central air for when it finally does turn into the Utah I remember.

Reuben picked out their outfits for the day, insisting that they match.(Thanks to hand-me-downs from cousins.) They followed each other around, and Reuben even got Simeon to go down the slide. Simeon loved it until Reuben decided that it wasn't enough to hold hands, they had to hug. While cute, it doesn't really make for safe journey down the slide.

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Emily Poll said...

nyc misses you guys too!

Tara said...

Those were fun times!!! I wish I still had my park buddy!
And I can't believe how big (and cute) your boys are getting!!!

Lark said...

Today it is June. You have been away from NYC for one year.