Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Update

2011_03_12 011
Justin and some movers emptied the truck in the rain. Then the rain turned into snow. Huge amounts of snow. But it made for a nice mountain view, this is what we see out our living room window. I will miss the trees and lakes, but I am glad I have a nice view.

2011_03_12 010

We've been doing a lot of this. Simeon can't stand that we won't let him bang on stuff, or use the screw driver. Reuben is happy to watch a show or play with all the toys that have been in storage for the last nine months.
2011_03_12 0052011_03_12 003
2011_03_12 012
2011_03_12 014
I love the square footage of our new place. I love the location. But, most of all I love the light. We get so much light upstairs, downstairs is a different story, but half of my house will be perfect for no flash, and it is the half that I am good at keeping clean.
2011_03_12 017
2011_03_12 0362011_03_12 035

Now, I have to go do some more hammering so I have some place to unpack into. My goal is to have the living room all done by the time Justin get's home.


Lark said...

I'm excited for you. Nice view!

Tammy Lorna said...

Oh Brecken! Once again you make me homesick for the snow and the mountains... and you!

xo Tammy

Amber F said...

I can't believe that you're really back in Utah! I'm happy that you are finally back together as a family (even if it is in Utah;). I'm kind of jealous about the snow though. I wish we got that kind of snow here.

Sandy M. said...

Wow, you're in your new place! (As in - this is the place! :) It looks fabulous. The boys look so big! Happy days for you! :)