Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family (Not) Home Evening

The boys and I met Daddy at his work, and then walked around for a bit.
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Like Mother, Like Son (Simeon takes it a lot better than Talyn did.)
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Like Father, Like Son.
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Justin works in the Conference Center. There are a few things "new" since the last time we went to temple square, the south visitor center (which was closed for renovations the last time we went 4 years ago) has a really cool cross section of the temple, the fanciest doll house I have ever seen. It was nice to see where all the rooms are in relation to each other. I am always lost inside of buildings. And there is a Nauvoo Cafe in the Joseph Smith Memorial building, that is more affordable than the other two options. We had sandwiches and dessert. The raspberry bread pudding was the highlight. Then Justin took the boys to the bathroom, and I sat in the lobby and listened to the sweet old lady playing the piano.

We tried to interject a "lesson" as we walked around. At the end of the night I asked Reuben what he learned, and he said, "We have to be reverent by the temple." I was reminded of this talk. While, we touched the temple in New York on a weekly basis, I don't think we ever really explained that it was the temple.


Talyn said...

Hey! I've done this very thing for FHE before. We even took pictures.

When it comes to being licked, I suspect my reaction is the norm and Simeon's the exception. You have an exceptional child. :)

Kay Jones said...

That sweet old lady playing piano, was probably my husbands cousin, Norma Dee Ryan. She can plan just about anything, without ever using music. She's a delightful person. If you get a chance to talk to her, ask her is she knew Bob Jones.

Liz Green said...

What a great way to spend time as a family for FHE.