Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nephi and Lame-ueal building a boat

Nephi and Lemuel building a boat Reuben 2/13/11

"Youth of all ages, even infants, can and do respond to the distinctive spirit of the Book of Mormon. Children may not understand all of the words and stories, but they certainly can feel the “familiar spirit” described by Isaiah (Isaiah 29:4; see also 2 Nephi 26:16). And the questions a child asks, the observations a child shares, and the discussions that occur provide crucial spiritual early warning signals. Importantly, such conversations can help parents to discern what their children are learning, thinking, and feeling about the truths contained in this sacred volume of scripture, as well as the difficulties they may be facing."Elder Bednar

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Sandy M. said...

Reuben drew this? :)
I've been looking back through your blog - I love the photos, as always. It's a different time for you at present, isn't it? I guess our lives are often marked by chapters that delineate the various circumstances we pass through, and it's kind of interesting, at least in retrospect, the more turned pages there are :) I hope you are enjoying this time ok :)