Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joy of LOVE: Wedding Band

11_02_03 053

Since Justin is far away I couldn't exactly follow the suggestion for this exercise. I was going to put off posting for this one until I could take a picture of Justin's ring and hand (in two weeks when we move), but decided this would have to do.

Justin's wedding band is too big. When we bought it I could have returned it and got a smaller size, but he thought it wouldn't fit over his knuckle if it was smaller. I'm surprised he hasn't lost it yet. It has flown off several times, and constantly looks like it will slip off his finger and he won't notice. He always manages to find it when it flies off. And, if he ever does lose it, I will insist he get's one that fits. 

I remember as a child admiring my mom's diamond, and I catch my boys fingering mine while they play with my hands, or looking at it in hopes of seeing rainbows. I find comfort in that. That even my little boys like to admire the symbol of their daddy's love for me. I'm sure they don't know that is what they are doing, but I like to think that is what they are doing.

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Talyn said...

It's obvious that your baby boy doesn't scratch the way mine does. His nails make for a great photo. I'm glad that you captured them. Oh, and your ring's pretty too. :)