Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reuben turns Five

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We got him a Buzz Lightyear stuffed doll with a fleece throw blanket, the I Spy Phonics books, and Simeon "got" him 'When animals kiss goodnight.' Grammie and Pappie sent a package full of wonderful things. Thomas the Train Uno has been a huge hit, and go fish with toy story three cards is a close favorite. Grandma and Grandpa got him two shirts and a neighing horse.

He asked for cupcakes, so while this isn't the most elaborate decorating job I've done, he did have fun telling me which letter he wanted to eat.

All he wanted was to got to McDonald's and play in the play place. He was very happy to be there, and Simeon ate a whole cheeseburger by himself.

We did miss daddy, but Reuben's Birthday was the day that Justin interviewed for the job he currently has.

I am so glad to have him, and so grateful that we obeyed that prompting we got in the temple to open our family up even though I was the one working full time, and I didn't have benefits yet, and we were so young. Reuben is a great blessing and contributes so much to our happiness and entertainment.


Kay Jones said...

Be sure to let us know about Justin's job. Hope he gets a good one.
I remember when we started our family, no insurance, no benefits of any kind. Sure am glad we started when we did, and good for you doing the same thing.

Amber F said...

Happy Birthday Reuben! How in the world did the time go so fast? He's practically a grown-up now...