Monday, January 24, 2011

(Kind of) Got a Job

I've left all you loyal blog readers in the dark, but it's because I have such mixed feelings about this whole thing that I was hoping Justin would post something with his sunshiny approach to it all.

Justin left for Utah on the 5th. He spent the weekend with his family and got to Salt Lake on the 10th. He then started looking for a job. He was interviewed for one on the 13th, and was offered it on the 14th. He is very excited, and happy about this.

I am apprehensive (aren't I always). The thing is, it is a temporary job. Once he works 1,000 hours he won't have a job anymore. No benefits, but that isn't so bad because we could qualify for government health care based on his income.

None of this fazes him (see why I wanted him to write this?). He tells me "it is a foot in the door." He tells me he "really feels like this is where he needs to be." He tells me, "it will lead to something long term."

I tell him, "you are a visionary man." But, before you think I'm completely ungrateful, I'm waiting for the sons-returning-to-the-tent moment when I can be comforted, and have that now-I-know feeling. I'm pretty sure it will come, I really hope it does. He is usually right about these types of things. But hope and trust do not come easily to me.

It would be unwise for the boys and I to move out currently, what with the weather. So, the boys and I continue to miss him, but be in a safe place. That gives the rest of January, Febraury and a couple weeks in March for something permanent to materialize. (Which would fit in the time line of when to expect the blessing after my typical trial of faith--most of them last 9 or 10 months.)


Kirstin said...

I hope it does work out, for all ya'll's sake. It isn't fun to think about the future without foreseen options. All I know is the Lord knows you all and what you all need. If you come to visit, it sure would be fun to see you. We're almost done, so we'd be potentially moving the end of April.

Heidi said...

Hey girl! Congrats and good luck with those tender feelings. We feel for you and wish you all the best as Justin starts the job. And what a great video of Simeon! Congrats on the steps! Baby steps, so cute, and great in many ways for wishes and keep in touch.

Talyn said...

I wish I could predict the end of the trials of my faith. :)

I'm sorry you have to keep waiting.

P.S. your hyperlink doesn't work.

Sandy M. said...

Oh Brecken, I really hope it works out well! One thing I have seen over and over is that one step today often puts you in the right place to make another important step tomorrow.
It must be hard being apart. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
How wonderful to have a visionary man :)


Tammy Lorna said...


I said most of what I'd have to say in my email. But I love you :) I'm sure that it will all come together in the end, and I can't wait to see it happen :)


PS. Once I move house and get settled (and once you do too), maybe it will finally be time for us to start writing that best-selling book of ours....

johnjen said...


I know Justin is a visionary man and has a lot of faith. We have been fasting and praying for the family and have been given confirmation that he is in the right place. A permanent position will come, with benefits, and I personally have been given that witness. Hang in there and continue to stay close to the Lord. The blessings are there and will continue to come! Much love,
- Big Sis, Jen

Kay Jones said...

I well remember the days when my husband was either looking for a job, or changing to a new one. I would get really anxious, until he finally told me one day that I lacked faith in him, and I guess I did. Things always turned out just like he'd said they would. The news last nights said that the job market in Utah was highest in the states. Good luck to Justin, and to the rest of you also. Much love to you.