Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Report

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Christmas Eve is always a favorite. We drove out to some dear friend's to carol, I learned how to play the ukulele, and built up callouses on my fingers so i could play the guitar this year. We got home to find that Jordan and Courtlin finally arrived. (They were stranded in Minneapolis because their 11 PM flight to duluth was canceled the night before.)

The missionaries showed up while we were teaching Jordan and Courtlin our caroling songs, and we paused to do the nativity. One of the Elders we have is really a great missionary. He had a little story with all of the symbols of Christmas prepared in a red pillow case. He had Reuben captivated.

We then went caroling to the "usuals".

We put the boys to bed, and helped Santa wrap the presents.

Christmas morning Reuben came into our room, and we had him wrap the presents he had picked out (and bought with his own money aka the spare change he has been collecting). Then we went up stairs.

Now, we did a very simple Christmas presents wise, and Reuben did not blink. He had spinning toothbrush in his stockings and some ring pops. Simeon had mittens and socks. We got most of the presents this year from a program the town has called 'baby steps.' Basically you get a coupon every time you do something a parent should do. Take your kid to the doctor-get a coupon. Take them to story time at the library- get a coupon. It helped us keep to our 100 dollar budget.

It felt good to see appreciation, and kindness. There was no pouting, or meanness. There was excitement and sharing. Jordan and Courtlin's luggage came while we were opening presents which I think made their Christmas morning.

We loved spending time with the family. And, while I will admit that I missed the activities of New York, it was nice to see Simeon leaning against Jordan, and Reuben excited to pass out presents to Courtlin, Grandma and Grandpa. It made me miss the family we weren't with.

I had told Reuben when we were shopping that it would be better to get things that he was sure he wanted to give instead of just get things because they were in his budget. It was my philosophy for the year, and it seemed to work well. And, I will admit that I missed candy in my stocking, but I didn't die without it.

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