Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reuben the Preschooler

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On Friday we got to go to a holiday party at Reuben's school. He meets twice a week for three hours. He loves it, and it was fun to see him in that environment. We made a gingerbread house. We had circle time. I wish I knew what he was like when we weren't there.

He seemed to hang back and let other kids come to him, and when they didn't he came to us. He had a comment about everything during circle time. He was meticulous and orderly during choice time and went from one station to the other in an orderly fashion. He was last in line to wash his hands, which meant last to make get a gingerbread station, and then snack.

It was obvious he was well liked, and self sufficient (not requiring a lot of attention).

He has mentioned "the meanest girl at school." We've had discussions about how it is important to be nice to everyone, and if someone is too mean then you just avoid that person. We could see the problem, and we also got to see that Reuben was patient and kind, and that he did avoid her when he needed a break.

It is strange that my little baby is so grown up, but I have to admit I quiet like the little boy he has grown up to be.
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Reuben and I decorated these cookies to bring to the party. they are melted snowmen, we found the idea on allrecipes. The only problem was that the pastry bags that grandma and grandpa had were old and popped open.
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The Jones :) said...

CUTE Brecken!! He is such a handsome little man!! And it's cute that he actually listens and follows through with things you tell him at far as "avoiding" the problem after trying to be kind!! How sweet!! You're an awesome Mom...and your posts just inspire me. Thanks for being such an example!! I hope you guys have a GREAT Christmas together!!