Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Santa,

a 10_12_21 241
I want Reuben to have happy memories of this Christmas. I want him to be grateful for those things that we can give him. I want him to be gracious, and feel loved.

I want Simeon to feel safe and loved. I want to be able to see the magic in his eyes. And, it wouldn't hurt if he "got" the opening presents thing right away because I won't have 15 tries to get it down.

I want both of them to share, and play together. I want to hear laughing and clapping.

I want someone to give Justin a job, and fast. He is going west on January 5th in hopes that "being there" will prove to be the key to getting a job. I hope that is the truth so that we don't have to be separated indefinitely.

Thank you in advance,

a 10_12_21 234

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Courtlin said...

That is a great looking Santa!