Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

A10_12_10 045
Talking on the phone to Grammie and Pappie, Reuben described in detail Christmas ornament after Christmas ornament, barely pausing to take a breath. Grammie requested a photo of Reuben next to the tree.

My dad has four sisters, and instead of presents, they exchanged ornaments (during my growing up years). The majority of the ornaments my parents have were hand made by one of my aunt's or by my mom and dad. And those are just a part of them, each of my sisters and I have a collection of our own.

Reuben and Simeon love to play with the light pattern changer (A little box that changes the type of flashing the white lights do.) Somehow they always managed to set it to the strobe effect.
A10_12_10 052
Reuben has gone into the phase of "that was the last picture!" But he was my assistant, and got these great faces out of Simeon. The first Simeon is looking at Reuben who is yelling, "SMILE SIMEON SMILE!"

And the second is Simeon looking at Reuben who is howling. My boys have very good howls. Simeon sticks his lips out as far as he can at the end, and often checks to see if they are sticking out far enough by touching them with his hand. It is pretty funny.
A10_12_10 063


charrette said...

Oh, your new house is so beautiful, and the way Simeon's eyes lights up when he smiles...These photos are all gorgeous!

Mindy said...

It looks like he's howling at the moon. Cave party rules!

Tammy Lorna said...

Merry Christmas!

Superman and his sidekick look very festive :)

Missing you lots - really wishing you were arriving in a couple of days too :)
xo Tammy