Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the mean time...

I have to upload pictures, but in the mean time here is something.

One of my sisters moved to Atlanta in 2010. Reuben was talking to Alena (his cousin in Atlanta), and the subject of snow came up. I over heard Alena recite a well-rehearsed, "In Utah there is usually snow on Christmas, but in Georgia we probably won't have snow on Christmas." Her sweet little voice with a few missing "r"s reciting the explanation she surely got from her parents was so heartbreaking. She almost understood that there would be no snow angels this christmas.

Reuben plays in the snow while Daddy or I shovel. I was almost done shoveling, getting the packed down part that the neighbor's grandkids decided to sled down (don't let your kids sled down the driveway...especially if it isn't yours.) I was in that uncomfortable too hot and too cold state that only happens when exerting yourself in below zero weather. The snow kept coming down. And Reuben yells to me, like he had been thinking of the perfect way to say it and finally figured it out, "You don't have to DREAM of a white Christmas here!" And, true to Reuben's observant statement, we didn't have to dream, it was real. White white white with big flakes make their way down to make it even whiter.

Christmas afternoon we got a second phone call from Alena in Georgia, with a very excited "It's SNOWING!" For the first time in 100 years, it snowed on christmas for my niece Alena. Now, if that can happen, I'm sure Justin can get a job.

These photos are from our walk out on the lake.
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Whipped Cream
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Jessica said...

...and even better, it was a green Christmas in Utah, so we all got what we wanted! Maybe if I ever have kids I'll feel differently.

The Jones :) said...

OH Brecken...I sure hope Justin finds something soon. You have been on my mind lately...and I hope things are well for you!?!? I'll be hoping and praying for you and that things work out SOON!!!
Love ya Phatty!!

Kay Jones said...

I hope and pray that Justin can get a job soon. It's terribly discouraging to not find that work you worked so hard to prepare for. I guess people simply don't know what a marvelous man they are missing out on. Best of luck to you.

Tammy Lorna said...

And here, it rained all day on Christmas - which was the second best thing to snow :) So yes, we were all lucky! :)

He will will will get that job. He will :)

xo Tammy

PS. LOVE the photos. Such a beautiful lake! At least if you have to be in limbo, it's a very very pretty limbo :)