Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the photo I took to remember Simeon's baby hair. It was longer on this side than the other. Fine and lighter at the tips than the roots. I loved to pull it gently down between my fingers and watch it curl back up into his neck.

I find the first haircut rather traumatic. I can't help but recognize that it is a gate, a gate that locks behind you as soon as you pass through it. The ultimate symbol that your baby has grown to much to remain a baby, and unlike most other milestones, this is one that YOU initiate. 15 months went by he grew and grew, grew out of infant, grew out of baby.

While Simeon isn't toddling on his feet yet, he is toddling on his knees. With the first hair cut I pushed him into toddler years. I said, you grew to much to still be a baby, and cut off that baby hair. See the trauma?

This is not to say that I don't find toddler Simeon totally awesome, because he is. He is hilarious. He still cuddles. He still sits quietly. He still smiles sweetly. He still makes funny faces. But, he walks on his knees. He communicates with mono syllables. Hmm? and Yeah. He mimics those around him. He dances. He refused to sit in his highchair. He growls. He lays down or hides in corners and will stay there until someone makes eye contact with him.

15 months flew by. Have fun being a toddler sweet Simeon.
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Lark said...

He is standing on his feet in the high chair.

Kay Jones said...

I remember my sons first haircuts. All of a sudden they weren't babies any more. Of course, now they are in their late 40's and 30's. Certainly not babies, they have babies of their own.

Tammy Lorna said...

Ohhh. So cute :)

Am thinking about you all, and hoping that Christmas is going to be wonderful for you.

Wish you were here!
xo Tammy