Monday, November 15, 2010

What Think Ye of Christmas

My friend spent the summer illustrating a Christmas book. She recently wrote about her experience with the book, I found it fascinating to read about the creative/spiritual process in a deadline environment. Her story starts here.  The illustrations are lovely. I've always liked Jana's style, she uses color masterfully. You really should go here to look at the lovely paintings. If you click on the images in the bar you can see the full image.

And now that we are just weeks away from December we get to start thinking about Christmas. I have yet to read the book, but if Jana found it inspiring I'm betting it is. She has very good taste (I am constantly checking her goodreads for my next reading choice.)

While Shepherds Watched-S
In her entry about painting the Bethlehem Sky she writes ". . . I painted the Bethlehem sky. But I had to stop and start over because it wasn't perfect. And the Bethlehem sky has to be perfect, right? But the second one I tried wasn't perfect either. Finally, my wise husband . . . told me if I kept fixating on that sky I'd never get the rest of the paintings done. I needed to let go and move on. And of course he was right. I consoled myself with my understanding that the Navajo tribes always intentionally weave an imperfection into their creations because only God himself is perfect. I paused right here and went on to the next two...telling myself if there's any time left at the end I can try another one."

And, this is the image I am drawn to when I look at the book's site. I think almost every artist, or folk artist (that is what I've decided I am so I don't have to call myself a "crafter") has reminded themselves of this fact. Most are willing to leave one mistake to respect God.

Light of the World-S
My other favorite painting is the string of lights. The book is about the symbols of Christmas, and lights are my favorite symbol. Sure I love a great Christmas tree, but its because it is full of twinkling lights. I'd well up with tears during our visits to see Rockefeller Center all decked out for Christmas. A huge beacon, with everything in the square pointing your focus to it. Those lights, reminding me that Christmas is more than what commercials would have us think. That Christmas is light. Light to the world. Inspiration, hope, knowledge, eternal light, all because Christ was born.

So, when I actually read it I'll tell you what I think of the book, but for now, I'll tell you what I think of Jana and what I've seen on the internet: It'll be well worth 10 dollars.

It's available here, and here.

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charrette said...

Thanks, Brecken! I just emailed you the art you requested. So you should be good to go any minute now.

And don't miss today's giveaway (although I know you're already in the running for the art piece, this is completely separate!): A copy of the book for every person on your gift list. (limit:10) Go crazy!