Monday, November 15, 2010

I heart other talented people

A special request was made to the branch president that I sing. So, Justin and I made plans to sing. We figured out it would sound good, and interesting with just the two of us and me not playing the piano.

Then I lost my voice.

Saturday night I googled in hopes of finding an interesting piano arrangement so Justin could sing, and it would be more than me just playing the hymn. I found this. We practiced Saturday night. Sunday morning. I skipped sunday school to practice some more (oops). But, it ended up sounding very good.

I never could have done that two years ago.

So, I am grateful for other talented people. Tara, who is a wonderful piano teacher who got me to the point where I could decided the night before to play something, use a metronome and then play it pretty good the next day. Steven Smith who has a very nice arrangement for free... I'm going to print off his other ones and try them too. And Justin, who despite knowing that I want me to be the best singer in the family, has a very good voice and is confident enough to sing alone.

We got an sacrament meeting.

I've determined that I am going to tell the accompanist that I enjoyed the musical number from now on.


Tara said...

A tribute! Thank you! I'm so honored! And you got yourself to that point. I just cracked the whip! And let you in on my little metronome secret! Miss you!

The Jones :) said...

You got an ovation in Sacrament mtg!!! Seems a little odd...but not surprised with you and Justin performing!!! Sure it was lovely!!