Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is what I want to remember

077 Punch Up
Simeon doesn't wave good-bye. He moves his hand back and forth from his mouth (like blowing kisses.) He does it for good night, good nap, and good bye.

Simeon signs "more." (taps finger tips together.)

When we sing hands are washing he always "shakes them." He loves to clap when he is happy and he knows it. And, like most baby's the wheels on the bus go round and round for the whole song no matter what everyone else is doing.

No matter what I've done or how long I've cuddled him he cries when I lay him in the crib. I pick him and his blanket up again, he lays his head on my shoulder, and then I can lay him down without a peep.

Reuben continues to be the best laugh maker. And Simeon seems to like it when Reuben invades his personal space unless of course it knocks him over.
075 Punch Up

074 Punch Up

Reuben loves pre-school, except for the fact that he always runs out of time to do something he wanted to do. He asked a girl to be his partner, and she said no. He was crushed, but then he got to be partners with two people so it was okay.

His favorite joke is "I made you say under where." He finds a way everyday to try it.

I told him he had to wear long pants. He went to get dressed and came back. He had long pants on, but they were Simeon's long pants. That Reuben has some skinny legs, and no wonder his pants are always falling down.

After play dates he asks me if the next time I can leave him there because he wants to be in that family. "don't you want to be in our family" I say. "Well, we don't have a sister, and I've always wanted a sister." He says.

If you tell him you will do something with him you better do it. He will not forget.

Last night he said he was throw up sick because he ate too much candy. I found out this morning it wasn't the candy I gave him. It was the candy I was saving for today's conference sessions. A zip lock back full of skittles and marshmallows.
103 Warm Up


Sandy M. said...

I love your post Brecken. Wonderful memories. Wonderful to have them packaged for the future. I love the photos, as always, thank you :)


Justin said...

I love those boys--and I love you too! I always ran out of time to do things at school. I think Simeon learned the cry then get picked up without a peep trick from me--I always did that with him...sheesh--can't wait until you're here on Saturday, I hate talking about this stuff in the past tense!!!