Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Tool to Face Phobias

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I realized that when I have my camera, and I'm going to get a great photo I can face many of my fears without even having to breath through it.

I'm terrified of bridges. The Brooklyn Bridge is pretty scary. Wooden Slats, crowds, way high over the water, not to mention the traffic the level below. But, its one of my favorite locations.

I'm scared of heights. Gooseberry Falls was mostly us standing on a cliff, but I was fine because the photos were going to be nice.

I hate allergic reactions. This vacant lot field was full of something that aggravated my hay fever. My lips and ears are still itching, but I'm hoping to go back to take more photos there.

If only there was a way to face my talking on the phone phobia with my new found confidence provider.

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Jessica said...

If you figure out the phone phobia thing, let me know. Good thing most of my students have parents who check their e-mail.

winst the telephonophobia guy said...

Well just another day to answer the phone mmm...well I do not know whether you will like to do this but hypnosis can help the phone phobia.May be the other phobias too but sure about the phone phobia.Well it did for me

Mick said...

Is there a camera on your phone?

Dani said...

I feel the same about phones--looks like we're in good company. Every time it rings, a thrill of fear runs through me.