Sunday, September 26, 2010


Brother quote

You know you are a mother if you know who Marc Brown is without having to google search it.

We were at the library, we are often at the library, and it was time to look for books to check out. Reuben said, rather loudly--because he hasn't mastered the art of the whisper yet, that he wanted to check out superhero books. The librarian, trying to be helpful, overheard him and took him to the comic book section. "GAH! He's 4!" I thought to myself as he de-shelved book after book. Spiderman, Batman, Fantastic Four, Moth Ninja (or something ridiculous like that), X Men. I slipped a few back on the shelf, but did check out several.

We went to McDonald's for our Saturday-get-out-of-the-house-so-its-quiet-while-grandma-does-the-finishing-touches-on-her-lesson. I overheard Reuben telling some little boy (as in littler than him) that he was doctor doom, and the little boy was a doom bot (from the Fantastic Four book.) "Nice," I thought, "No mention of one of the FOUR super heroes from that book, only the villain and his attack robots."

Why is that? Why is it just as fun, if not more to play the bad guy? Especially when you know Mr. Fantastic is going to beat him with the help of three other poorly illustrated superheros?


sallysue said...

I know who Marc Brown is, even not being a mother. :)
Arthur was my favorite show to watch in high school.

Mindy said...

I better google Marc Brown.
Sometimes I try not to check out the superhero books because there is always the "I'm super gooey guy...get messy (Backyardagins)" and there's something fun about getting to be mean to everyone else.

Sandy M. said...

What a fabulous photo Brecken! The caption makes it perfect. It's gorgeous!
I've never agreed with the whole 'more fun to play the baddie' way of thinking. I always want to be the good guy. Girl. :)