Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quote Board

Reuben: Mommy, how do I know who I am going to marry?
Mommy: Well, she will be someone you love, and is nice, and can go to the temple, she will help you and you will like to help her. Does that sound like someone you would want to marry.
Reuben: Well... I HAVE AN IDEA. The first morning we will go to the temple. And then the next morning will we have a honeymoon. And the next morning we will... I don't know what we will do on the next morning. What should we do on the next morning?
Mommy: Move into your new apartment?
Reuben: The next morning we will move into an apartment.


Klous Family said...

Hahahaha! Funny that they think of these things at such a young age. Eric is already worried he won't find a girl at church to marry because there aren't very many girls at our church! Must not have any interest in the ones we DO have! Which is JUST FINE with me! :)
Do ya just love being a Mommy!?!?!?

Kay Jones said...

He's already got his priorities right! Some good teaching somewhere.

Mindy said...

That is priceless.