Thursday, July 22, 2010

Branch Picnic

A branch is like a ward (a unit of the LDS Church) but smaller.

Already Justin and I have given talks. I've been playing piano in primary, and once in sacrament meeting. It's the branch I grew up in, but its changed a lot in the last ten years.

On Sunday I was helping out with the 3 to 6 year olds, when the fire alarm went off. Those kids looked at me with shocked terrified faces. We held hands and walked out. "Is it a REAL fire." "Probably not." I said, "It is probably a test to see if we know what to do." "Probably" is what one little girl heard, as she burst into tears because she was too busy holding hands to grab her scriptures...which were going to burn. Well, it wasn't a real fire, an alarm was pulled in the back hallway (like that use of the passive voice?)

Last night we had a picnic. And while there were way more people there, I only took photos of the people around Reuben. These are his friends:

Grandpa held Simeon while Mommy and Daddy watched the primary Olympics.

Reuben's team came in first for the relay race. Actually they did it so fast I didn't even see their team go. Reuben was most excited about the race. The Race Around the World is his favorite episode of the Backyardagains.

We couldn't leave until Reuben found his on tree frog. The older kids had found a bunch, and Reuben wanted to hold one. It didn't take long, actually, as soon as he asked for help, I saw one in the grass...luckily I had the camera so I didn't have to be the one to pick it up.


Talyn said...

None of these pictures will load for me. :(

Klous Family said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to visit a little more last night. Seems like I was chasing Ryleigh the entire time. I'm so glad you guys are here and that you came last night. I'm also so happy that our children have so much fun together because I enjoy you and your friendship just as much! You are such a great Mother and such a shining daughter of God! You just give off such great love and positive energy, and your example is so appreciated! You may feel living here is a struggle at times with the job situation but for me and my family I feel that your family being here is such a huge blessing. Thank you for your friendship and just for being YOU!~Anna
P.S. GREAT pictures! The kids had so much fun. The primary leaders did such a good job!

Sandy M. said...

It looks beautiful there Brecken! Are you missing NYC at all? :)


Mindy said...

I love the top story about the fire alarm...and the passive voice. My kids have had many a race around the world in our house...they fight over who gets to be Austin. :)