Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here Comes the Show Boat


The last three weekends in July in Grand Rapids, MN Showboat stops on the banks of the Mississippi. A variety show, singing, dancing, comedy bits.

Thursday evening tickets to showboat are half price if you are local, 13 dollars for a show seemed like we couldn't miss it. We decided to brave the mosquitoes, which weren't out because right before the show there was a huge downpour, and a few sprinkles during. There were some very enjoyable parts, some Reuben even laughed out loud at. There were some parts that could have been better, and we didn't expect to be an issue during the second week of the run. Broadway spoiled us.

Justin and I left thinking that we should live in a small town where we could do that performing stuff and really contribute.


Tammy Lorna said...

So cool! And yes, broadway spoils us all. haha! Obviously, when we write our book (you know, the one neither of us have actually started yet), and get wealthy, we'll just have to fly to NY anytime we feel like watching a show...


xo Tammy

PS. Wicked is coming to Brisbane next year.... should I make it 5 times?!.... lol!

Mindy said...

The last time we saw the show, had my dad not been there, we would have walked out. Horrible. We watched a clip on you tube this year which was a new thing on the show, laughed, felt embarrassed for our town, and decided it would probably never be any good. You were spoiled, but it would take a miracle to get showboat to its glory days.