Saturday, May 8, 2010

The High Line and Chelsea Market

Wednesday morning we met a bunch of friends at the High Line. One thing New York does really well is parks and green spaces. One of the things my New York friends do really well is go to them. While the high line isn't really aimed at kids, Reuben loved the view, and balancing on the benches.

As we were in the elevator exiting the park, Reuben saw a bug on Lilly's stroller, so he tried to shoo it off, but it crawled onto his hand. "And then I felt a hurt on in my fingers, and I looked at the bug was biting me!" Well, it was a big bumble bee, and it stung him in between his fingers. Poor Reuben has been stung more times than anyone I know, and he is only four.

We then went to Chelsea Market.. Air conditioning, restrooms, a bunch of mouth-watering choices. We had Chelsea Thai, and the best milk shake I've ever had at Ronnybrook Milkbar. It was drink-through-a-straw, raspberry ice cream. It was everything I love about steamed milk, but COLD. Creamy, sweet, satisfying. It was over too soon. Eating there was that really thin, pale, TV actor (who usually plays bad guys) with the buzzed thinning hair, and small round glasses. Justin and I both recognized him but we can't remember what we last saw him in. Justin says he was in X Files, and he was in one of my shows in the last few months. We then walked around looking at stuff, when we saw Amy's Bakery. They have a big open window that you can watch them form the dough. We saw them throw at least a cup of chocolate chunks on lovely elastic dough and fold them in, so we had to go buy some of that. It, too was delicious. We are kind of sorry we waited until now to discover it, but think Justin's parents will love it.

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