Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jordan Wednesday Night

She's asleep on our couch.

She got to us at 6:30 and we rushed her down to shake shack. "mmm, this is good."
Then we walked to the church/temple went up to the church to use the restrooms. "Ooohh. Nice stained glass." "Hey, this looks just like a church!"
Went over to Lincoln Square "You know whats weird? I feel safer here then I do in Salt Lake."
Took the M5 home (got transfers whoohoo!) Fabulous old man russsian who laughed like Jabba the Hut for no apparent reason and kept saying biddy biddy ba, and plicka plocka.
Watched Ugly Betty and planned the rest of her trip.

These last two are not wonderful photos but you get the point. But that's what you get at night when you refuse to use a flash so the background will show up.

Times Square in hopes of student rush tickets.
Fashion District
Chinatown and Little Italy (pizza for lunch)
Staten Island Ferry
Dinner at home
Broadway Show (hopefully)

Art Museums Society of Illustrators and the Met for sure. at 3:30 at the Met they are having the Kid thing (children 4 and older). We'll have a packed lunch in Central Park (probably that cool playground by the Met).
Sookk (thai) for Dinner with Justin.

Columbia University
St. John's Cathedral
General Conference

Central Park
General Conference

Whatever last minute thing she needs before she goes.


Tammy Lorna said...

How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time Jordan! :)

xo Tammy

Talyn said...

I'm sorry I ever kept Jordan from those pants.

P.S. my word verification is "caution ha"