Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mister Softee

Daddy's the softy (but I begged him.)

With sprinkles:

Wishing he had some:

I get more excited about seeing ice cream trucks, limousines, firetrucks, and horse drawn carriages than Reuben. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I grew up in Northern Minnesota, and Reuben grew

Reuben stands on the bench and yell's to the ice cream man, "I want some ice cream. Will you give me some?" The ice cream man ignors him. And he yells again. This repeats until the truck is off to the next playground. I usually just watch because I'm not good at jumping fences, and I rarely have cash on me. But daddy met us at the park the other day, he is good at jumping fences, and sometimes has cash on him.

I love ice cream.

Hey Neighbors, What is the name of the song the truck plays?


Morgan said...

mmm, that looks good right now. i think the soft is "do your ears hang low?"

Sandy M. said...

Come to Oz and I will make you some very good ice-cream :)


Dani said...

lucky (and beautiful) boy!