Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I heart NY: Riverside Park

Riverside Park has been my solace, my place to get away, since the day we moved here. The wildlife trail, the view of the river, the trees, the small contained playgrounds, the long walk, the M5 bus, the piers, the 85% chance that I will run into a friend. I heart Riverside Park.

I think it is hilarious that sunbathers wear skimpy swimwear on lawn chairs at the piers in the summer time.

I love watching the old couples slowly make their way to their favorite bench with fedora and cane, hunched back and blue hair.

While I've never talked to him, I feel like I know that man that smokes a cigar while reading the newspaper.

The summer on the hudson concerts are much more doable for the crowd phobic, and just as good as the over crowded Central Park concerts. And, really, who could regret spending the day listening to accordions.

The reflection of the sun off the river, makes it worth it to have a late dinner just to stay in the park until the river sparkles.

Yeah, Central Park is fine, but Riverside Park is for the residents.

Now go listen to "The Hudson" by Dar Williams. (You can listen to the whole thing at grooveshark.com its on "My Better Self"--you'll have to scroll down until you find it.)


charrette said...


(And you KNEW I was thinking of that Dar Williams song, didn't you?)

Morgan said...

i heart riverside park too. i simply love the new yorky feel of it. it is so charming. i will have to look into those hudson river concerts. are those the ones that are way downtown?

Lisa Brown said...

You always make me wish I could live/visit NY. Riverside Park makes me want to watch "You've Got Mail" :). And your pics are gorgeous!

Mindy said...

Instead you can take your kids and Anna K. can take her kids to the old River Place Park that we helped build. And then you can panic if they find a needle or broken glass. Aren't you excited to come home now?