Sunday, March 7, 2010

Growing up

Last Sunday Reuben gave the scripture in primary. I helped him memorize it on Thursday, and practiced until Sunday. He was so excited, mostly about the microphone, but still excited.

Justin and I went to see him give the scripture. The sunbeams were the last to arrive for closing exercises, and Reuben ran straight for the podium. The primary president saved us by just letting him go right away. I said "Mosiah," He said, "Mosiah 16:8" I said "But." He said, "But" the 8 year old boys started to laugh. Reuben started to giggle, but he said the whole scripture through his laughter.

I was surprised how thrilling it was. My baby had worked so hard, he knew it, and he wasn't going to chicken out on me. It was a milestone I'm not sure I was expecting or ready for. He's growing up, and I didn't notice.

Mosiah 16 8 from Cook Shack on Vimeo.


Sandy M. said...

Bravo Reuben!
Another talented Cook star is born :) It is thrilling, isn't it?


Tammy Lorna said...

How exciting! Go rueben go!
Xoxoxoxo Tammy

Kay Jones said...

Good job!!!