Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do germs....

Reuben loves to buzz his lips at Simeon. Simeon laughs so its nearly impossible to stop Reuben from doing it. So, we have been trying to educate Reuben on germs. We can't sneeze or cough, or spit or lick other people because that shares germs, and germs are one of the things that we never need to share. Germs are little things that make people sick. They get in your body and your body tries really hard to get them out.

Reuben wants to know if germs talk, walk, crawl, have eyes, etc. We showed him pictures of some germs.

One of the few nightmares I can remember is of germs coming to attack us at a halloween party so we didn't realize that they were germs--we thought they were just dressed up like germs. I woke up, mustered the courage to go to the bathroom, still terrified of the germs. When I opened the door a certain little sister decided it would be funny to say boo and jump at me. I saw a germ say boo and jump at me. I attacked her. We both screamed.

I don't want Reuben to have nightmares about germs, but it would be nice if Simeon didn't catch everything Reuben found.


Jessica said...

Hee hee. I never realized you had nightmares about germs. I probably wouldn't have gone into so much detail about my medical microbiology classes had I known :)

In answer to Reuben's questions: germs talk with chemicals, don't walk, some of them crawl, and they don't have eyes (although I have a stuffed cold virus that does).

Sandy M. said...

That is a fabulous photo! :) No secret when your extraordinarily photogenic children come from! (Justin too of course :)

I think germs get a bad rap sometimes.. some germs deserve it, mind you - but some are undervalued :) I used to be a nurse and I'm pretty good at being wary about germ-sharing - but some germs are really not so bad :) (Typhus and Cholera are obviously firmly in the 'bad' camp of course...)
And I think it is funny that you'll find two people who would never share a cup but who are quite happy to kiss each other :)
And just awful when you find someone who would never lick the pavement, but who lets their dog 'kiss' and lick them all over the face! Yeewh!!